Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bachmann for President?

The woman at the head of the Tea Party Caucus has been touring nonstop, it seems. And at all her stops, from Iowa to South Carolina, she has been easily gathering the conservative support that will be of the utmost necessity, should she choose to run. And, like Obama before her, she is going grassroots. the only real difference is that Obama didn't court those who were silent during the Bush spending, but decided to start whining once he took over. Hypocrisy, nice to meet you. She may be able to draw crowds, but she can also do something else: make gaffes that makes Sarah Palin look like a genius in comparison. (There's something I never thought that I would be would be saying.) Let's start with the most recent example: while in New Hampshire, she said that the American Revolution started in Lexington and Concord, New Hampshire. All right, geography students, where's Lexington and Concord? I hope to god you said Massachusetts, because that's correct. Bachmann walked it back, but the fact that she made that mistake makes one wonder why she feels so qualified. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. In 2003, she wrote a Christmas letter, in which she talked her children would make good spouses. Instead of, say, Jesus, or family events. Nope, Christmas is apparently about pimping out your kids. In July of 2007, she, among other Representatives, went to Iraq. And while most came back, with doubts, (i.e., the smart ones, or sane ones) she came back more convinced than ever that they were doing right. Also, she compared the Mall of America to Saddam Hussein's palace, size wise. Yes, a dictator leaves in the Mall of America and uses chemical weapons on the citizens. Last month, she accused Keith Ellison, a fellow Representative, of consorting with terrorists. Did I mention that he's a Muslim? Yep, apparently being a Muslim automatically makes you a terrorist. Plus she has a gay stepsister she failed to mention. So, she has no idea on geography, no honesty, and no sense of what not to say. And you conservatives want to hand control of the country to her?  Please, have mercy on us.