Friday, March 30, 2012

Iran Sanctions

The sanctions are piling on top of Iran, despite the fact that they still refuse to the nuclear program. The sanctions are set to begin on June 28th. These new sanctions prevent banks in countries that import Iranian oil from doing business here in America. And while there are 23 such countries, 11 are exempt because they are cutting back on imports from Iran. The president has said that there is enough oil outside of Iran that it won't affect oil supplies and United States allies. I wish to ask a question though: how can he believe that? Cutting off oil sales has yet to work. Combine that with  the fact that gas prices are continuing to spike, and someone like me just has to wonder if there's another way. And I'm not inclined to believe the politicians who say thats unlikely, because, let's face it, they are not experts.

"Frothy the Catholic"

It looks like the end for Rick "Frothy" Santorum. He's good in the South, sure, but he isn't winning any states that are important. He couldn't win in Michigan, he couldn't in Ohio, he couldn't in Illinois. These are all states that will be important. And now, in terms of actual delegates, as well as endorsements, he is screwed. Because Wisconsin is expected to go for Romney, what with Paul Ryan's endorsement. Plus, Wisconsin is a Democratic Stronghold, so it may very well be more moderate, which spells doom for a Santorum campaign. With that said, I hereby issue a call for him to get out of the race. The truth is, he cannot win.

Now, for the anxious people who say, what if?, I say this: IF he somehow wins, even by a difference of one delegate, I will retract my call, because it will show he may yet stand a chance. Plus, quite frankly, it would throw the party into confusion and give Obama a chance to boost his numbers.

Criticism for GOP

This time in the foreign policy department.  A nation security adviser to Jimmy Carter (Please wait before you comment) used the words "dangerous, embarrassing, and humiliating." He even went so far as to call them liars if they are just posturing, and idiots if they really believe these things. Now, I would just like to say that I would consider this much more news worthy if it had been, say, a Reagan adviser. However, the point being made, that we need an open dialogue, instead of just firing weapons, is very relevant. The last time we shot before asking questions, we got stuck in a ten year long war. So I do agree, but would like to qualify. If talking doesn't work, and we are attacked, then we fire back.

The Individaual Mandate: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Buying

It seems like the biggest hurdle to the Obama Health Care reform is this idea that a person must buy health insurance, AKA the individual mandate. Everyone, including me, complained that the idea of a person having to buy health insurance, or be penalized, was against freedom, was against what this country was founded on. Well, I would like to issue a mea culpa, an apology, if only on the grounds that this was not the first time this was proposed. For those of you who are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, just wait. Watching MSNBC, the story on The Rachael Maddow Show was about how an individual mandate was once....a conservative, Republican idea. Really? Turns was.  Remember "HillaryCare?" The idea that businesses just had to provide insurance? Republicans said no, it should be up to the INDIVIDUAL. The Heritage Foundation, the delight of conservatives, said that it was necessary. So what happened? As far as I can tell, a Democrat happened, and he just happens to be black. What I would like to know is, why is this so bad when proposed by a Democrat, and not when proposed by a Republican? And the next question I have is this: if a health insurance mandate is so bad, why is forcing people to buy car insurance OK? Why are we forced to wear seat belts? And yet, people don't call Republicans out for it. As George Carlin would have said, I'm just looking for a little consistency. So whats the Republican Plan? So far as I can tell, nonexistent. I have yet to hear them push another idea out there. Do I still disagree with an individual mandate. Yes. I would rather see it in the hands of businesses. I want there to be a government run program. I would be thrilled if we had a single payer system. But, in the interest of what can be done, this is a start. In a show of pragmatism, I will learn to live with an individual mandate.

Any one surprised? Nope.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Whats new?

If, like me, you've been watching the Republican Nomination, fondly known as Operation Hilarity, you would have noticed several major changes since I've been gone. The first would be that several candidates have dropped out. Bachmann, Perry, Huntsman, Cain, Johnson, they are all gone. Johnson is now running as a Libertarian, which means he has no shot. Roseanne Barr is in as a Green candidate. Large name recognition, but on a third party, so again, no shot. The other thing you might have noticed, is that Santorum is picking up ground, while Romney seems to be losing it. This is not something I would have normally bet on. Now, lets see what else is new.

Glad to be back

Hello Boys and Girls!

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. If you left, I cant blame you. If you're here, you're devoted. In that case, thanks.