Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Jobs plan

As everyone knows, the President is supposed to be coming up with a jobs plan. The White House, of course, says there are some new ideas at the table. The plan is expected to cost anywhere from 300 to 400 billion dollars, which would be paid for by closing tax loopholes and raising the wealthiest people's tax rate. I see a problem already: the Republican Party, as it stands right now, is far too much to the right. They will view any loophole closing as a tax increase. Therefore, this plan has a limited chance of passing. Among the things being considered is an extension of the payroll tax cut, which cuts 2 percent off the amount employees pay into social security. that's not much, but it will add up. Also included is money to extend unemployment benefits, as well as 150 billion on infrastructure. Among the new ideas getting tossed around are tax cuts for companies that hire Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, tax cuts for hiring those who have been unemployed for a long time. Now, the question is whether or not it will work. Many economists believe that it isn't big enough. And therein lies another problem: if he takes a stand for anything bigger, he'll get shut down. So, don't expect to any growth, or jobs, for a long time.

Florida welfare requirements

Florida has just passed a law that is, in my estimate, common sense and should be the law of the land: welfare recipients in the state of Florida must pass a drug test. However, the ACLU says this is a violation of their constitutional rights, namely, the right preventing unreasonable search and seizures. However, the ACLU fails to realize that welfare is, in itself, a warrant to find if they are addicted to drugs. Because if they are, we don't know that welfare will not go for drugs. The tests are around 35 dollars, but the person will be reimbursed if they come back negative.